The great facts about getting Homeowners Insurance in Texas

Homeowners Insurance can be problematic in the great state of Texas. This is because the comical saying that everything is bigger in Texas is actually quite literally true where disasters are concerned. Not surprisingly, even the winter and summer storms prove to be bigger in Texas. Further information on getting a homeowners insurance quote can be obtained from

Empirical evidence everywhere supports this assertion. The Weather Channel has given Texas the dubious honor of ranking number one for most disastrous state in the entire United States. Since the year 1953, Texas has suffered through fully eighty-six Presidential disaster declarations. From Galveston on the Coast to the old West Texas town of El Paso, Texans endure floods, tornadoes, regular coastal hurricanes, wildfires, windstorms, and hail. This means that Texas is categorized by homeowners insurance as experiencing all four of the dreaded major weather problems including wind, lightning, fire, and hail. Houston is even ranked among the top five most vulnerable cities to hurricanes in the entire U.S.

What do all of these somewhat frightening statistics mean to you as a homeowner looking for quality, comprehensive, and affordable homeowners insurance Texas statewide? The average homeowners insurance rates in the state of Texas are often volatile and even high. Because of this, Texas residents from San Antonio to Plano should always be thinking about the means to save money on the cost of homeowners insurance.

The good news is that standard homeowners insurance policies do cover many of these dangers. The bad news is that the overwhelming majority of them do not cover flood damage and many policyholders have further chosen to pass on wind coverage to reduce the cost of their premium. Nature is unpredictable if anything, which is why it is not a smart idea to cut down on much needed coverage in order to lower premium costs, however tempting it may be.

You should review your current homeowners insurance policy with a fine-toothed comb to discover what dangers are covered by it and which ones are not covered. The hard truth is that you may need to add to your coverage in order to see your house fully protected from sudden disaster. Should you learn that your home sits in a low-lying area that is prone to floods, you should sincerely think about buying a flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program. Flood hazard zones are nothing to laugh off.

Standard homeowners insurance actually does cover the buildings’ structures on your property, contents of your house, medical payments, liability for you the homeowner, and loss of use expenses. Many insurance experts will tell you that you should shop around your homeowners insurance coverage once per year to take advantage of any and all discounts that are available to you.

Some of the most common such discounts offered by the major homeowners insurance carriers are worth noting and remembering:

New Home Discount – You can save as much as twenty percent if your Texas home was constructed in the last ten years or less.

Home and Auto Bundle – A discount of as high as twenty percent is available for combining your vehicle and homeowners insurance into one policy with a single provider.

Alarm Systems – Just by protecting your family from intruders, you can receive as much as a ten percent discount. You should note that Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio all have nationally higher than average break in rates, per the 2012 FBI Report on Offenses Known to Law Enforcement. El Paso, Austin, and Plano conversely have nationally lower than average burglary rates.

Claims Free Discount – If you have not filed any claims for your homeowners insurance in the last ten years, then may receive as much as a twenty percent savings.